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BNI Info Session to Senior High School Alumni

Hari Purnomo conducted BNI Infosession at Olive Cafe, started from 7 pm till end. The Audience are alumni of SMA6 South Jakarta and greduated in 1982. They have a solid team and always conduct business event every wednesday night. BNI-indonesia had turn to present infosession yesterday. Bravo 682. BNI- Indonesia will set up new chapter at the same cafe at Olive cafe. it will be conduct the meeting every thursday morning at 8.00 am sharply. This is Marketing meeting who works together to increase every members business. " If you want to double you business through referrals then contact BNI-Indonesia to help you"

The Blessed Core group

Hi, I'm looking the position of Lawyer, IT hardware Consultant, Car Dealer, Mover, Event Planner etc Who has target market in West Jakarta. I will invite you to join my group and works together as a networker. "Creating referral for your business is our business" Please respond it or email to